Skim, Please!

The Worst Drag Queen EVER!



Welcome to the life of Skim.


While Matt was born in 1991, Skim was born in 2010 – when she moved to Boston. In Boston, Skim met her drag family within the first month of exploring the South End. Halloween rolled around and Skim was “peer pressured” into being Yzma for Boston Ballet’s infamous Halloween gathering. This was where Milk saw the potential that Skim had for being the Worst Drag Queen Ever. After many make up sessions with Milk, Skim had become a part of the family we now call The Dairy Queens.

Before Skim legally changed her name for the stage, she was born with a not so appropriate name. Her birth name was Ghostina Teenibikini. For all of those straight guys that are reading this right now, you know where the name originated – it originated from a soft core porn called Ghost In A Teeni Bikini. Skim was under the impression that the main character was Ghostina Teenibikini, which was decidedly the best name ever. And Skim is always the main character, especially in soft core porn films.

Although, the time came that Ghostina Teenibikini had to think about her career. While her drag mother became the notorious Milk, Ghostina had a choice to make. Obviously we know where this story goes, because we have all seen Skim Burley’s RuPaul Drag Race Season 7 Audition video: While riding the dryer in the local laundromat  Ghostina Teenibikini became Skim Burley.

It was the summer of 2012 that the Dairy Queens became The Dairy Queens. Milk and Uhu Betch moved to New York City, and The Dairy Queens became interregional sensations.

Skim Burley started to get her oats in the Boston Nightlife scene. Starting out at Machine Mondays in Fenway, she caught the attention of all the trampy chasers in Boston – although she was looking for the club promoters. Thankfully the club promoters were the trampy chasers and Skim Burley started performing around Boston. This includes Glamlife Thursdays, Guilt Fridays, and HotMess Sundays.

Finally, Skim decided it was time to join her MotherSister (Milk) and her FatherSister (Uhu Betch) in NYC. Skim jumped into the NYC Art Scene with The Dairy Queens and fit in like Skim Milk in your vanilla latte from Starbucks in the morning.

Since moving to NYC, Skim has joined the internationally acclaimed ballet company Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo. While she travels the world, Skim still performs with The Dairy Queens, she has been modeling for cute boys, and she has starred in two films: Skim Burley’s RuPaul Drag Race Season 7 Audition, the mini documentary: Skim Burley - Miss Fish NYC 2015, and Skim Burley’s RuPaul Drag Race Season 8 Audition (not yet on YouTube). Click here for The Dairy Queens YouTube Channel:



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